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We try to build confidence and identity in African-American youth. Although our message is directed to African-Americans, it is a message that applies to people of every ethnicity.


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"Odessa Bluegill and the Starship" is a fun and fanciful journey that helps teach its young readers morals and inclusiveness. Odessa, a young girl from Wellston, Missouri, is out one summer evening and encounters a "Starship" and one of its inhabitants. When Odessa tells her friends what she had seen, her story is met with some skepticism but soon they band together to help solve the mystery of the Starship. This is a wonderful story for young people to enhance their spiritually and learn about living in a multicultural universe, through the adventures of Odessa Bluegill and her friends.”


Joe Nelson,


Washington Daybook

Garry Session is a tool and die maker by trade who became a writer and book publisher through babysitting and osmosis. He has laughed and joked about the end of the world with Oprah Winfrey on her Millennium Show. Also he has discussed child development and classical music with Minister Louis Farrakhan. KETC-TV Channel 9 in St. Louis has featured Session in a documentary about his books and he has been interviewed by Ebony and Jet magazines.

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